Thursday, May 29, 2008

There's Good News, Then There's GREAT NEWS...

The person bringing good news knocks boldly on the door.
~~~~~Irish proverb

Claire has posted about the greatest news there is to hear or read. Toy Soldier (her son) is on his way home. Since we have discovered there might be some familial connection, I will be doing the happy dance with the rest of the family to celebrate!
It is one of the greatest joys to realize that Toy Soldier's Iraq deployment has been completed. I'm still going to be praying that his reintegration goes smoothly. But with Mr.Hooah!, Claire, and all the Hooah! family there to provide support, it goes without saying that there isn't anything that couldn't be taken care of.

Also along with that news, Suspect, The Unlikely Soldier, is making his way home too! Such a relief to know this. I've been reading these guys for almost their entire time they have been in Iraq. I'm going to miss them! Hopefully they will continue to write after they settle back into American life. It will be interesting to read how they react to the going on's here at home.

Speaking of such reactions, Mr. Anonymous himself wrote a great post the other day. Well worth the time you spend reading. It's always enlightening to know the thoughts and ideas our returning heroes have on possible and probable solutions for the problems they have experienced firsthand. If only we could get some of those 'higher pay grades' to read them and take the ideas into consideration for future use.
I've always known, if you really want to find a solution to a problem, go to the people who are down in the dirt doing the work. They know...

And so it goes......

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Jo said...

That is good news!!! Great news will be when the day comes that we hear they are all coming home. Thank you for keeping your finger on the pulse of our troops in battle and sharing it with us.