Monday, August 11, 2008

In Need of Prayer!

God can pick sense out of a confused prayer.
~~~~~Richard Sibbes

I know it seems like I'm continually asking for special prayers, but...when there are special needs, what else do we have except for prayer?

I just received an email from my dear friend Susan. She has a friend who has a need for our prayers.

Everyone must know by now that Russia has been attacking the small country Georgia for the last few days. I wasn't aware of the fact that Georgia is an ally of the United States. But then again, I'm not aware of a lot of things. When this conflict first happened, I was concerned as to how this would effect us. I had read (from AFPR) that President Bush had called for a "cease fire" while in Beijing several days ago. Not that it has happened yet. Nor do I think it will.

I just read that we have redeployed some 2000 Georgian troops who are in Iraq back to their homeland.

There are people who are a great deal smarter than I that think there is a underlying strategy to this invasion. Too many to try to list here. I would suggest going to Blackfive for their postings of information though. You might also visit Major C's Perspective for his updates with information coming in at all hours.

But I digress...

There is an 8th grade American girl who is stranded in Georgia. She was in country to visit her grandparents. With the battle that is unfolding and continuing there, she is unable to make it to the embassy. I realize that there are many others who need our prayers, but this child is one of our own. Please, please consider adding her to your prayer list. I'm sure her parents are frantic. I know I would be.

May God hear our voices to protect this child, to bring her home to the safety of her parent's arms.

“A Prayer For Protection”

Father, there are many foes standing ready to attack. The enemy’s ammunition is relentless coming from every direction but We are thoroughly protected by Your impenetrable shield that completely surrounds us. Fear misguides, but faith guides us into an enduring trust in Your unfailing love. You are OUR shelter from the stormy blast of Satan’s weaponry. You lift our heads as we are encouraged in You today and our hope is secured in our future eternal home. Amen.

(prayer by Stephen C. Weber)

Prayers are needed for everyone involved. Yes, even for the attackers. We know not their reasoning.

God does. May HIS will be done.

Prayer is the language of a man burdened with a sense of need.
~~~~~E.M. Bounds

And so it goes......


Susan Katz Keating said...

Ky Woman, you are an angel. Many many thanks. Let's hope this little drop spreads far and wide, and brings much needed prayer for this girl and her family.

Ky Woman said...

No thanks needed here. Just happy to do what I can.

When 2 or more are gathered in prayer then God is there also...