Monday, February 2, 2009

Phone Calls And Knee Mail...

It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.
~~~~~K.T. Jong

I had intended to write tonight about one of the Armed Forces Press Service reports I received in my emails. Having been on the phone for most of the time since arriving home from work, I think I need to delay that for another time.

You see, Momma called several times tonight. The first time was to let me know a family friend fell at home, and was taken to the hospital today.

Fell flat on her face...

Putting her pants on...

I had to laugh, not because I thought it was funny, but because I could see Joy doing something like that. Momma was at the hospital with her when she called me. Joy was laughing too. So I'm not being a bad person who was making fun of her trouble. She and the Good Lord know better.
She broke her nose and her hand. I told her to "let her husband help her dress from now on." I also asked if there was anything I could do to help. "Nope. Nothing."

The second time Momma called, she was relaying some recommendations for doctors and their phone numbers to me. I need one. A dentist in particular. I don't particularly care for the one I had been seeing. It seems that you shouldn't pull the tab off those plastic water bottles with your teeth. Not if you don't want to chip or pull one loose. Yeah, who's laughing now? Uh, that'd be me still.

Finally she called with an update on our local Marine. And questions on how to become a part of Soldiers' Angels.

Let me give you the latest update. Cause prayers, lots of prayers are still needed.

Brandon (yes, I have their permission to use his first name) is at Bethesda Hospital. He had a 15hr surgery this past Friday. He had another 5hr surgery today. Some things can be fixed. Others? eh, not so much. It's going to be a long road to recovery. Tonight he was running a fever of over 103. Not surprising though with everything he's got going on. His wife K, is cognizant of all the issues at hand. She's hoping to do her residency there, seeing as how they will be there for some time. If I don't get lost, I'm thinking of dropping in when I go up in April for the mil-blog conference. Hand delivery of some loving from home.

Again, I'm requesting prayers for him and his family. As many as you can say daily. If you will...Please.

Now, to the Soldiers' Angels information request. Since Momma's church knows Brandon's family, they wanted to do something in return for all the help he and his wife received when Brandon was first injured. Again, Thank YOU Mary Ann!!

So after some discussion amongst the members of Florence First Church of God, they decided to become Angels themselves. Yipee!!! This is in addition to the Women's Group starting a collection of things that are needed by our wounded warriors when they arrive in Landstuhl. I had already given Momma the list at her request. Her question was;
"How do we become Soldiers' Angels?"

Well Momma, it's simple really. You need to go to their website, decide if you want to adopt a soldier or join one or any of the many teams that they have. You can adopt one or however many you all think you can support. Right now there are 508 waiting to be adopted.

"Oh maybe we could adopt a platoon or team. What kind of teams do they have and what do they do?"

I ran down the list of teams, explained each one and then gave her the directions on how to sew the blankets that are given to each soldier who is wounded. Explained the sizes, types, etc.
But first you need to have someone at church get on the computer to sign up. Everyone that want to become Angels, that is. Whew! That's going to be a lot of new Angels!

"I think there are some that would want to make blankets. Brandon's family said the blanket he received was simply beautiful." They keep saying how much they appreciate all the help, and especially the prayers that were said, and are still needed."

Ok Momma, I'll put the request out. Is there anything else they need? Anything at all?

"No, all she asked for was prayers. She said it was a blessing knowing so many are praying."

Indeed it is Momma. Indeed it is.

There you have it folks. Another request for sending up more Knee Mail. It will be an ongoing request. Also ONE of the best reasons in the world to consider becoming a Soldiers' Angel. They take care of 'Our Guys' and their families.

On a personal note; Tina, You and your sister have my thoughts and prayers as well.

And so it goes......


Tina said...

I know I have been HORRIBLY slacking on my commenting, but I have been a bit distracted with the ice storm, sick kids and my sister.

I know realize these are poor excuses when you are dealing with friends. )I bow my head in shame

Thank You for praying for my sister, she means the world to me.
You are always so caring, sweet and kind. A true loving spirit!

MsMarti said...

I like the "knee mails"!

WOW you are a great recruiter for SA!! That is wonderful.

I hope your Marine continues to improve each day.

Ky Woman said...

Please don't worry about commenting here. You just take care of yourself and those lovely babies of yours. And I know what sisters mean to us. Mine are my bestest friends. Give me a holler if you need any help. :) LHP~

Knee mails are the stuff that keep me going. When life hands me lemons, I go to Him for the recipe to make Lemon Cake...

I'll add your hopes and prayers to mine for Our Marine. Thanks!

And also thank you for all the information you have on WOTN!