Sunday, May 23, 2010

Woot!! The Man IS Back...

Feelings are much like waves, we can't stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.
~~~~~Jonatan MÃ¥rtensson

When I first started reading mil-blogs a few years ago, looking for any and all types of information on what 'Our Guys' were doing while deployed, (has it only been 3 years?) I started reading a blog by a man who used the anonymous blogger name of "AfghaniDan". At the time of him actively (2006) writing his blog, he was deployed to the Pech River Valley. He managed to find the time in between missions to describe what he and his fellow solders were doing. But by the time I found mil-blogs and how to search for them, thank you JP, AfghaniDan had returned Stateside. Thankfully, he left his archives untouched. I read them over and over, trying to understand what we as a Nation were doing in Afghanistan, and just exactly what our Military men and women were experiencing. Still am, for that matter.


Last night, a dear friend sent me a message on Facebook informing me that he was back in country and had resurrected his blog. Immediately after thanking her for sending me that great news, I clicked over. Yeppers, THE MAN IS BACK!!

Just to give you a bit of a teaser, I swiped borrowed an excerpt of his latest post...

A word on transit within the Area of Operations...a primer, if you will, for those that have never had the pleasure. Let's say for purely hypothetical sake that you needed to fly from a notional desert airfield in the Gulf, serving as a major air transit hub, to another major transit hub located in a notional war-torn central Asian nation's capital region. Your initial feeling is a hopeful one...the reception cell has picked you up at the international airport, found you some temporary billeting, and signed you up at the 'terminal' for Space-R (reserved) travel on the next manifest. Imagine then that a couple of days creep by...each one filled with checking and re-checking your place on the list, and hoping to hear your name called at each roll call only to learn that either the flight has been canceled or that it is too full to take a single passenger. Despair sets in as you learn that others have been there for five days trying to reach your same destination (they may not call it a "surge" in HQ or in DC, but trust us, it's a surge...the meaning of the word doesn't change just because of some implication related to the other war).

Since returning to the country of his former deployment, he's been tasked with a new responsibility. Just click on over and see how that's working out for him. Oh, you might want to wish him "Congratulations" while you're there, I think he's been promoted to the new rank of Major.

I'm looking forward to his posts. You never know what they'll be doing, and who you'll see.

And so it goes......


Callsign Sherpa said...

Can't wait to check this new stuff out!

Thanks for the recommendation--you always find such good and meaty information about conditions downrange. Keep up the good work, and thanks for your support!

Ky Woman said...

Well Hello CS!!

Just to let you know, I've got a few more that will be added in the next little bit. I'm just tickled pink that we have a few that are taking the time to keep us informed. Keeping my fingers crossed that they continue. =))

Why thank you, Sir!

Major Dan said...

Thank you, KY Woman! I am humbled. Will certainly endeavor to keep you entertained and informed...

Also, we've got a very interactive blog (and the most balanced military reporting you'll ever see) on my new command's website, Check it out!


Ky Woman said...

Ha!! While NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan is not listed here on the side bar, I do follow on Facebook.

So... I'm following you yet again, eh?

Oh, and thanks for stopping by to comment. =)) You take care out there, ya hear?