Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Humdindger Of A Storm...

There's always a period of curious fear between the first sweet-smelling breeze and the time when the rain comes cracking down.
~~~~~Don Delillo

I had just backed into my driveway, when my phone rang. It was Momma. She sounded visibly upset. Here's part of our conversation...

Her: "Where are you? Aren't they evacuating you all?

Me: "Mom, I just now got home from work, why would they be evacuating us?"

Her: "Don't you know there are tornado warnings out?"

Me: "Uh, Mom, the sun is shining here. I don't see a storm cloud in sight."

Her: "Well, I'm at Meijer doing my grocery shopping and they are telling us that we have to evacuate, or take shelter. The wind is blowing like crazy, roofs are blowing off of buildings."

Me: "Momma, Go find out what they are going to do, and call me back. Ok?"

Not 10 minutes later, I took those pictures above. Thankfully I had time to grab all the hanging flower pots down, and remove the patio umbrella before it was blown away.
3 minutes after that, the rains came. Straight in from the west. Almost horizontal, the wind was blowing it so hard. .
I grabbed my purse, car keys and socks, (I was barefoot) laid everything by the basement door. I stood in the front door and watched the storm. Quite a light show was being put on. Thunder and lightening cracked and rolled across the sky. I heard the emergency warning sirens go off. Did I take shelter? Uh, No....
I was trying to charge my cell phone. Couldn't talk to Momma with a dead battery.

The rain tapered off to a light drizzle. I could see off to the northeast, they were getting a taste of what had been bombarding my house just minutes before.

As much as I don't care for severe storms, I do like a good summer storm. Sorta clears the air. They also make for spectacular sunsets.
Besides, the garden needed watering. I hope that the corn and tomatoes bounce back after being laid flat though.

Momma did call back, she was fine. She finished her shopping without any more excitement.

And so it goes......

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