Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guest Blog Post, From A'stan...

Yes'm, old friends is always best, 'less you can catch a new one that's fit to make an old one out of.
~~~~~Sarah Orne Jewett

This morning I had a weird dream during one of those half awake, half asleep moments in a lull of the 10 minute snooze fest. After a really late night, I'm surprised I heard the alarm at all. It was so wonderful and comfortable to be snuggled up in bed. I didn't want to give in to the need to ready myself for another day at work while there was much better things to do at home.

But back to my dream...

It's been said that dreams are subconscious thoughts that you've had during the day that didn't get fully resolved. Normally I don't remember too much of what my brain is processing while I'm asleep. With some of my thoughts, I reckon that's a good thing.

Anywhoo, today I remembered one... I dreamt I received an email from a friend (I'll call him "Toad"). While getting emails from him isn't uncommon, I hadn't heard from him in what to me seemed a very long while. You see, Toad is stationed in Afghanistan doing what he does best. That just happens to be piloting helicopters. Over the last month or so, several emails had gone unanswered. Yep, I know it's a war zone. But me, being the worry wart I am, thought something untoward might have happened. I had checked all the official DoD notices without seeing his name on any of them. Yep, extremely thankful on eliminating that possibility!
After finally coaxing my reluctant body out of bed, starting our coffee, etc., etc., I checked my gmail. And there it was. An email from Toad, just like I remembered seeing in my dream. How weird!! Yet how sweet it was to read that everything was okay with him.

Some time back, Toad had made mention that he might do a guest post here on the blog. His email this morning was his follow up on that, giving me the "good to go" green light to post partially or all. One tiny problem, it was in Army 'power point' format. If I could figure out how to get that on here, I'd be set. Alas, I couldn't. Everyone knows how technically challenged I am. So I'll have to do what I'm good at... cut and paste. Okay, it was a bit more difficult than that. At least I got most everything off of the power point slides.

I do hope y'all enjoy his pictures and commentary.

Direct From The 'Stan- A Trip To Bamyan, Another Side of Afghanistan...

And so it goes......

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