Friday, January 1, 2010

Classical Sounds Served With Asti...

Thinking is like loving and dying. Each of us must do it for himself.
~~~~~Josiah Royce

Having spent the majority of this day in contemplation, I opened that special bottle of Asti bought for another occasion. Needless to say, today was a good day to partake. New Year's Day brings retrospective thoughts of all that had transpired over the course of the past one. In many ways 2009 wasn't that special to or for me. Many hours endured rather than enjoyed. And that is something that I have to change in Twenty Ten. Life is for the living, and we should enjoy it while we can.

Along with the Asti Spumonti in hand, I've had the classical music station playing. This concerto written by Mozart for the clarinet is just beautiful. I keep playing it over and over.

Music to soothe the savage beast? Maybe so. I just know it speaks to me. Those whispered notes take me back to San Fran and the Christmas I spent with my late Uncle Jim. A concert pianist who introduced me to his friends and their music.

Please listen, perhaps it will speak to you as well...

And so it goes......


lela said...

Ah Ky Woman....sometimes we forget that "life is for the living." I know that I did, and it took a major disruption of my life to make me remember it. I also know that just going through the motions of life (enduring the hours as you put it) is not really living, it is merely existing. So, what ever you do, may you use 2010 to really "live" and in doing so may you find true joy.

Ky Woman said...


Yes, I think this New Year will be a year for changes to my life as I now know it. 'Tis time, I think, to stop the 'existing' and start with the real living.

And thank you! Many blessing for this new year to you!!

Pattie Matheson said...

I second Lela's sentiments. Maybe it takes something special to make us realize that time's not for wasting. Unfortunately that "something special" is usually an unhappy event.

Savor the music and enjoy the Asti, its a good way to experience life!


Ky Woman said...


Thanks!! Happy New Year!!