Sunday, July 27, 2008

Look At Those Animals..

If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth.
~~~~~Chief Seattle of the Suquamish Tribe, letter to President Franklin Pierce

O'Wise One brought her 2 granddaughters up Friday night. I had already picked up my 2 Hunny Bunnies and Booger Butt. The plan was for us to get up early Saturday morning, rendezvous with Momma, my daughter SG and her boyfriend. The Cincinnati Zoo awaited us.

The problem with the plan was that the grand kids didn't want to go to bed early. Too much pent up energy to be wasting time in bed. Needless to say, it was very late by the time all 5 had their baths and were slumbering. VERY late by the time MB and I were able to do likewise. Someone had to make all the food destined for the picnic cooler. Yup, leave it to the old ones.

Eventually, we arrived. The kids were ready to hit the trails. First thing through the gate were the elephants. Huge animals they were. The Elephant House wasn't open due to renovations. Very little room at the viewing fence. But the kids loved it. Did I mention they really smelled?

Off to the next stop of The Discovery Zone. Pretty cool inside. Had to walk thru a cool zone. Oh, did I mention it was sizzling outside? Those cool zones were to become my best friend while we were there. They had a tropical forest setting. We saw a boa constrictor, thankfully behind a plate glass window. A sloth was taking a nap in a fork of a tree. There was a beautiful parrot perched in a tree too.

We all were suitably impressed by the up close and personal views of these animals.

Next stop was The Giraffe House. We had been told that we would be able to feed them from the deck. But we missed the feeding time.

Walking back out to the main walkway, the younger kids decided they were getting tired of all this walking. Off to hunt down the rent-a-stroller. We stopped at each and every viewing fence. Even if there wasn't anything to view. Those smart animals knew to go hide in the shade where it was cooler... Not so, us humans.

I was able to talk them into sitting on a bench for a few minutes while the other's decided where we were going to adventure to next.

2 double strollers rented. (took a loan out for this) On to the next big enclosure. The African Jungle Trail.

These peacocks and peahens have free reign to wander all over the zoo grounds. You will see them everywhere. You hear them long before you can spot them.

This big guy didn't want to show his face. Guess if I had strangers looking at me all day long, I'd do the same.

Hunny Bunny 1 thought this Bilabo had a strange looking butt. Ok, he really did. I guess he took exception to our remarks because he decided to sit down right as I took the picture. And the glass created a glare.

The kids thought it was hilarious when I told them these guys were checking for bugs on each other. Wouldn't be my idea of a good lunch either.

Soon there were cries of human hunger, and barking puppies. Yes, my feet were hurting. As were all the adults. SG and T were returning from taking MB's little rat terrier puppy back to her house, since you aren't supposed to have dogs inside the zoo. Unless it's a seeing eye or service dog. Calls were made to bring in the cooler and another rendezvous was scheduled. Now to find the Comfort Zone.

We walked, and walked. Then walked some more. Between walking, stopped at all points of interest.

Of course, once the kids found the play area, we had to stop.
Camel ride anyone?

Took all 3 of them to tame that wild alligator. Or was it a crocodile?

After many twists and turns, plus several backtracks, we found the Comfort Zone. Did you know you can get lost in the Cincinnati Zoo? Yep, leave it to us. SG and T had returned with the cooler of food prior to us finding the Zone and were able to reserve several tables for us.

Hunny Bunny 2 wasn't interested in food. She was worn out already. It was way past her nap time. Nothing was going to interfere with her snooze. I made sure of that!

Now that everyone had their fill of half eaten sandwiches, chips and cookies. It was time to head south. After we returned the strollers to the original point of rent-a-stroller. We also had to purchase our small memento picture that was taken upon our arrival.
I think I'm working for the wrong company.

And so it goes......


Jo said...

i do believe someone would have to end up pushing me aound in one of those

Looks like everyone had a great day.

Mike Golch said...

Great photos. it would seem that every one had a good time. Hugs and God's Blessing-Mike G.said that!(its an A.A. thing)

Ky Woman said...

By the time we left, I was so ready for someone to push me in one of those things... Too bad they didn't have them in big sizes. Yeah, we had a FANTASTIC DAY..

Why, thank you... I took most of them. Hence, not too many pics of me. Plus, I'm camera shy.
Hugs and blessings back at ya! That's just a KY thing. ;)

Grandma Faith said...

Looks like you had yourself a "Fabulous Grandma Day" Thanks for sharing.

Ky Woman said...

Grandma Faith,

I did, rather "We" did...

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's another creative success!! I am so glad you get on this confabulated machine and make a permanent record of our times together! NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS!! Now, when I am contemplating another such folly, I can go back and suddenly be brought back to me senses!! Aww spit!, I'll probably do it anyway cause I'm like you...just a little bit crazy but at least we is in good company. Thanks for all you do...You is my HERO!!!!

Ky Woman said...

Wonders never cease, huh? Confabulated machine is my friend...Try it! Promise you would be another convert just like me. Next time you come up (alone), I'll teach you everything I know. All within 5 minutes. We'll have fun! But then again, we always do.
Ain't we lucky? God has blessed us beyond measure.