Monday, March 9, 2009


It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.
~~~~~Ursula K. LeGuin

There's no turning back now. I've registered at all the right places. Put my money where my mouth said I would go, and signed on the dotted line, electronically of course. Charged the cards or rather added more to my limit of spending. Compared flights and cars from various local airports. It was nice to see that CVG has relented in being the most high priced departure gate to destinations unknown. CVG being the destination/departure code given to Northern Kentucky-Greater Cincinnati International Airport.

Just one little detail to take care of before all systems are a go. I have to request the desired dates as vacation time from work.

Where and what might I be speaking of? Why, the Mil-Blog Conference 2009!

I'm finally going to be able to place faces with all those voices I've heard the last few years. To meet in person those who write my daily addictions. People like Jamie, Caroline, Leta, Matt, JP, David M, Uncle Jimbo, Kathi, Greta, Shelle, CJ, The Donavon's, and The Greyhawks, the list grows daily...
Susan, who best do everything within her power to be there so that we can catch up on all the news from our lives, again.

To say that "excitement is mounting" would be an understatement. Beside the fact of meeting all the movers and shakers of the mil-blog world, there's that little side trip to a tank farm that promises to be an experience of a lifetime. My lifetime, anyway.

I hope that there will be a corner somewhere in the midst of all the goings on that will allow me to sit back, watch, listen and learn more about this world I've been drawn into.

Yup, I'm excited!

And so it goes......


Earl said...

You rock, lady, get on the table when they turn up the music - you will be among folks that really care, allow me to sit in the background watching and drinking coffee, you get out there and mingle! Have a great time and remember those that aren't there but send their best wishes.

Ky Woman said...


Oh no, there will be no dancing on the tables for me... Table couldn't stand under the pressure nor could I. But who knows, chair dancing might be seen. :)

Will be thinking of those who can't attend, and taking many pictures to allow them to view the festivities as it happens.

Bob said...

Have yourself a great time!

dana said...

where and when?

Ky Woman said...

Thanks Bob,
I'm planning on it!!


DC the 24th and 25th April. I told you bout it already...