Monday, June 2, 2008


From my childhood...
The Sugar-Plum Tree
by Eugene Field

Have you ever heard of the Sugar-Plum Tree?
'T is a marvel of great renown!
It blooms on the shore of the Lollipop sea
In the garden of Shut-Eye Town;
The fruit that it bears is so wondrously sweet
(As those who have tasted it say)
That good little children have only to eat
Of that fruit to be happy next day.
When you 've got to the tree, you would have a hard time
To capture the fruit which I sing;
The tree is so tall that no person could climb
To the boughs where the sugar-plums swing!
But up in that tree sits a chocolate cat,
And a gingerbread dog prowls below---
And this is the way you contrive to get at
Those sugar-plums tempting you so:
You say but the word to that gingerbread dog
And he barks with such terrible zest
That the chocolate cat is at once all agog,
As her swelling proportions attest.
And the chocolate cat goes cavorting around
From this leafy limb unto that,
And the sugar-plums tumble, of course, to the ground---
Hurrah for that chocolate cat!
There are marshmallows, gumdrops, and peppermint canes,
With stripings of scarlet or gold,
And you carry away of the treasure that rains
As much as your apron can hold!
So come, little child, cuddle closer to me
In your dainty white nightcap and gown,
And I 'll rock you away to that
Sugar-Plum Tree
In the garden of Shut-Eye Town.
O How I remember my Momma reading this to us when we were children. We had this huge book of poems that she would read from. We would sit for hours to listen. That was very unusual for us to sit for any length of time without someone starting to whine "make him or her get off of me". I think my baby sister MJ inherited the book of poems (which reminds me to ask Momma why she got it). Sibling rivalry exposed.
For some reason over this self imposed exile to the sickbed, I've thought of this poem often. I tried to recall all of it but couldn't. Thus, I had to do some research. Thank you world wide web for giving me back a memory of my youth.
Ohh, can't you tell I'm feeling better? Yes, I am! Plus... I'm no longer contagious. Which means I've got to get busy with all the plans I had for earlier last week. I also have some changes in mind for the sidebar here. Lots of new blogs I've read and want to share with my few readers. Hi, Piper, Susan, MB, Jo, Claire, Mr.Hooah! Granny, Jeannine and everyone else I can't name...
While I've been reading the milblogs, (that addiction thingy) there have been several things I've noticed not getting the attention they deserve. I hope to rectify that after I take care of the delayed plans. Till then, I'll leave you with those famous words from Arnold ~ "I'll be back"
And so it goes......


Honest to Ya~Ya said...

That is a cute poem!! Something my grands would like!

I'm glad you visited my blog! Enjoyed my own visit here!☺

Ky Woman said...


Thanks so much for dropping in, I love to visit yours. Just like the last words from this post, I'll be back!