Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Pictorial

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.
~~~~~Franklin P. Jones

What is a home without children?
~~~~~Henny Youngman

After work on Thursday, I stopped to pick up my Hunny Bunny 1. We wanted to pick up Booger Butt 2 and Hunny Bunny 3. Unfortunately, they had plans. We spent the evening doing the things she wanted to do.

On the Fourth of July, it was just us two for the rain filled day of celebrating.

Yes, we had lots and lots of rain. Again.

Thankfully, by the time dusk arrived, the rain had stopped. We were able to watch the fireworks display put on at the Elementary School across the road from my driveway. How cool to not drive any distance.

Not the best shot from a cell phone camera.

But you make do with what you have... Cell phone camera it is.

The fireworks seemed to last a very long time. Princess Leilah didn't like all the booms, and noise. She had to try to out "howl" them... to no avail, I might add.

On Saturday morning, Booger Butt 2 and Hunny Bunny 3 arrived. Total mayhem in this house from then on out...

Booger Butt 2 and Hunny Bunny 1 engineering a trip on the local train.

Hunny Bunny 1 having great fun on the school playground.

Booger Butt 2 trying to stop his slide down the hot surface.

Hunny Bunny 3 ever so delicately eating a bite of something.

Hunny Bunny 1 and her "funny" face...

Never to be outdone, Booger Butt 2 and his "funny" face...

The two oldest didn't want to leave. Amid much wailing and pleading, permission was granted. They spent another night at Nana's house. Today we will be picking up the honorary Booger Butt 5. The house will be in shambles yet again.

My Momma came over to visit yesterday too. Her question to me, "How are you going to get any work done?" Well.... I probably won't accomplish a whole heap of chores. But as my Grandma Bond once said to me. "If I had it to do all over, dirt wouldn't matter so much."

Besides, they are only young once. And chores certainly don't disappear.

Life is good.

And so it goes......


dana said...

love it, momma. there's a better pic of scottie and makayla sitting at the island. don't forget to send them all to me. you better stay off the computer for the rest of the day or they might come up with a grand scheme to get you away.

love you,

Jo said...

Sounds as if your Grandma Bond knew what the priorities should to be.

Ky Woman said...

Sissy Girl,
I'll try to get that done before I forget.

Yes, Grandma Bond did know the priority of spending time with the ones you love. I miss her so.