Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The 2009 MilBlog Conference...

In all things that are purely social we can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.
~~~~~Booker T. Washington

My mind is going numb from trying to catch up on all my backlogged reading. So much so that I had to have help getting the pictures downloaded from the storage card to my computer. I had thought that I would try to do the pictures in chronological order, but... Sorry, too much dang work.

Therefore, in no particular order are some shots that I took while attending the 2009 Mil-Blog Conference in Arlington, Virginia. May I say that all the milbloggers I met are much more awesome in person. Not saying that they aren't awesome on their blogs. It's just that meeting everyone is like extending my family across this wonderful country. Whew! Talk about a family reunion. Good times for sure.

While I can put names to quite a few faces, there are several whose names I just didn't catch. If you see someone you recognize and I didn't give their name, feel free to let me know who they are.

David Stanford, editor of Doonesbury "The Sandbox" and ??? Jill?

Mary Ann from Soldiers' Angels~Germany (facing the camera) talking to ??? Boston Maggie and Mrs. G. (I think) facing away from the camera.

Andi (who did the most arduous task of organizing the whole Mil-blog shebang) talking to Chuck Z. Mrs. Borda (JP's wife in the background)

Susan Katz Keating, myself, Eve, and a friend of Eve's whose name I can't recall. I know...terrible person that I am.

CJ Grisham (Soldiers Perspective) asking a question of one of the panel members.

Lisa (in DC), Kathi (Mail Call), and myself having a gabfest after dinner at PF Changs. We had the bestest time eating and talking. Kathi's daughter; April, took the picture.

Tankerbabe (Leta) and me. Meeting the first time, you can't just shake hands, you got to give and get hugs. I love hugs...

Susan (Susan Katz Keating on National Security) and CJ (Soldiers Perspective) schmoozing.

Troy (Bouhammer) and me doing our own schmoozing. His wife, Christine, is super sweet as well.

Carren (Chuck Z's wife) and Greta Perry (Hooah Wife/Kiss my Gumbo). Those two together made me laugh. 2 very special ladies that I had the privledge to meet that first night.

Susan (with back to camera) Sherry and Alex Horton (Army of Dude). Sherry and I talked so much that I missed one complete panel. But it was well worth it. Good thing CJ and Troy video taped the panels.

Elizabeth Newberry (National Museum of Americans at War) Bob Miller (Concrete Bob), and JP(Milblogging). Susan with back to camera. Hmmm, is she trying to tell me something?

These next few pictures I took using my phone. Quality isn't as good, but the battery on my digital camera was kaput!

Greyhawk (Mudville Gazette) moderating the last panel of the conference.

CJ auctioning off a ball cap with a whole hell of a lot of major sports figures signatures with the proceeds going to benefit Soldiers' Angels. I think the last bid was $350. Good job CJ!

Rick Lowe, Matt Bernard and Ricky John. Matt was presented a certificate and 5K check. Great job Matt (American Soldier).

The last panel of the conference....Representatives of Long War Journal, Small Wars Journal and Abu Muqawama. These guys are the heavy thinkers of the military blogging world. You really should check out what they are posting to keep up with all the heavy stuff. Me, eh... I'll stick to those little drops.

And so it goes......


Jamie said...

It was so nice to meet you in person. We really need to hang more next year. Maybe less drinking next year? lol Had to keep up with those crazy milbloggers!

CJ said...

Good wrap up. Hopefully, I'll have the videos of the panels up soon. Unfortunately, the tapes I overnighted to my producer through USPS didn't show up today like they were supposed to. I'm going to follow up tomorrow. I was seeing you again. I wish we could have hung out more.

Nixon said...

Thanks for sharing the pics, sounds like it was a blast. Wish I could've made it.

Ky Woman said...

The same for me. It was great to meet you. I can see why the guys coming thru the USO have so much fun when you're around.
You drank too much? Oh my...I would have never known. I don't do much of it even at home. No sense in making a fool of myself when out of town.
Yup, you can count on seeing me next year. {{Hugs}} to you and Caroline...

Thank you, Kind Sir...
Reckon USPS has cut back on workers and actual working time. Wasn't that supposed to be a cost savings? Maybe we should start another Pony Express for snail mail.
I'll look forward to seeing the videos, and hopefully I'll be able to retain more of what was said.

No worries, I know how busy you all were keeping everything on schedule and such. Next year, maybe?

Ky Woman said...

Hey LT!
It was a good time. Very much so...
Wish that you had been able to be there as well.
Next year, make sure that you clear your schedule so you can attend.

Susan Katz Keating said...

Like you said, it was one big family reunion. What a great family we have! Hugs to all!

JP said...

Nice job. It was great to finally meet you. At least you remembered my name in the Photos above *wink wink*

Ky Woman said...

Ain't that the truth, sistah! You can't help but want to give everyone hugs and kisses...

Thank you Sir... Oh, I'd have to say it was an honor and privilege to finally meet you!! And your lovely wife.

Was I not supposed to remember your name? Temporary amnesia, maybe???
Nahhh, You are unforgettable! :))

Kathi said...

"family reunion".....that's it exactly!:)
don't worry about forgetting names,lol....both times I've gone, after I get home, someone says "you were there?" totally humbling,rofl.
It was so great finally meeting you,also!

dana said...

glad you had such a good time and good to see that you actually made it in a few of the pictures. :) love you.

Ky Woman said...

Yup, I had a fantastic time. Actually the pictures were taken at my request. Otherwise...there wouldn't have been any evidence. Love you bunches, too.

Moni said...


Obviously you had an awsome time. Great pics too! You and Susan both look bea-u-tiful! I bet you're refreshed and ready to get back to work....NOT! Well, thrilled to have you back and all in one piece anyway.



Tina said...

I can't imagine what you have to keep up with. I know I could not do it. I would kill me for sure. I admire you is so many ways you have no idea.

Ky Woman said...

you remembered your password. LOL.
I did have a great time. There's so much that goes on in DC and area, almost makes me wish I lived up there. Hey, I said almost. oh, thank you for thinking me and Susan look beautiful. It would have been lots more fun had someone else had the means to attend..

You admire me???? Oh Honey, you have no reason for that. It's you that I admire. Triplets and 3 growing boys! Whew! I don't know how you do it. Just having the 3 or 4 grandkids on the weekend wears me out, so how you do it 24/7 is incomprehensible to me. But...Thank you!!!