Friday, April 24, 2009

The View From The 8th Floor...

Looking out my window from the 8th floor. It's a beautiful day here in Arlington. Since I got very few hours of sleep earlier this morning, I think I'm going to test out one of the beds for a nap. The plans for tonight are things I don't want to miss. I'll update after I wake and hopefully find everyone.


lela said...

Have a great time....and say
"hello" to folks from me...wish I could be there!

Ky Woman said...


Wish you had been able to come to the conference. Let's plan on next year!

And I did have a great time. Would have liked to add a few more hours in each day though. Never enough time to spend with everyone you get to meet.

Tina said...

Very Cool!

Ky Woman said...

Yes, it was!!!